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Whatever Your Dental Problem, We Have A Solution! [VIDEO]

Without professional care, dental problems can take hold of your mouth and leave you feeling helpless and ashamed about the state of your oral health. But at Ardelean Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to know you can count on us to find the solutions you need, no matter […]

Trust Your Family’s Back-To-School Smiles To Us! [VIDEO]

There are more than enough reasons to trust your oral health to our team at Ardelean Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. But today, we’re highlighting just one of them since it’s almost back to school for the littles in your household! Hear Dr. Shaouni explain why our dental office is a […]

Protect Your Family’s Smiles This Summer [BLOG]

Summer is such a fun time of year! With the kids out of school, you have so many opportunities over the next several weeks to spend quality time together as a family. There are trips to the local pool, or maybe to the beach for family vacation, or even picnics […]

Halitosis: When Breath Behaves Badly [BLOG]

Now that summer is here, you can step outside and enjoy the warming sun and the fresh air. Or can you? If you’ve been suffering from bad breath for any period of time, it can overpower every other pleasant fragrance around you. What’s worse, you’re not the only who suffers. […]

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Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Best Oral Health [VIDEO]

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are so afraid to go to the dentist that you avoid your routine dental cleanings and exams? If you are, today’s blog is for you! Today, we’re sharing a quick video from one of our skilled professionals at Ardelean Family & […]

Your Million Dollar Smile Is Waiting In Clinton Township, MI [VIDEO]

You should trust a dentist who is not only highly skilled and experienced, but also one who is willing to work with your budget so you can achieve your best oral health. You’ll find that at Ardelean Family Dentistry. We go out of our way to treat our patients like a […]