People try to prepare for emergencies as best they can, but when one hits, you are never truly ready. You don’t get to schedule an emergency. When it happens to you and your family, you need someone you can trust to be there to help. Clinton Township, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean at Ardelean Family Dentistry will be that someone when it comes to dental emergencies. Here is some information regarding the emergency dental care that we provide.

What is a dental emergency, and what can wait until the next day?

Any time you or your child sustain a dental injury, it will feel like an emergency. This may or may not be the case. There may be times when you can wait to have your problem taken care of. This will save you time and money. To find out how urgent your problem is, the first thing you should do is call Ardelean Family Dentistry. We will help identify whether your situation is an emergency dental situation or just a dental situation that needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

The purpose of emergency dental care is to address situations where your permanent tooth is in immediate danger of being lost. That includes broken teeth, severely cracked teeth, and teeth that have been dislodged. Additionally, severe pain, pressure, and sometimes even swelling in your face can be evidence of an abscess, which can be very serious. Call our office and we will help you identify the level of concern for your situation and plan out the next steps in your care.

What number do I call when I have a dental emergency?

During normal business hours, you should call our regular office line at (586) 465-4505. We will be able to assess your situation and get you set up for the level of treatment that you will require. We have a dedicated phone line for after-hours phone calls. More times than not, you will find someone answering this phone line, but there may be an instance when you have to leave a message. Do not worry. We will call you back shortly to address your situation.

How long will I have to wait to be seen?

You will be seen the same day you call with your emergencies. The level of your emergency will dictate whether we move you ahead of other patients or fit you in as quickly as we can. This ensures that we can treat you as effectively and quickly as possible, and also to be courteous to our other scheduled patients. Again, please do not worry. We will make room for you to be seen the same day of your dental emergencies.

What do I do about swelling in my face?

Swelling in your face can be caused by a variety of things. The first one is injury. You may have gotten hit in the face or experienced some other kind of trauma. If the injury is causing you to worry about your dental health, please call us and we can go over what happened, and from there, Clinton Township, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean will determine what your next steps will be. Your swelling may also be a symptom of a TMJ disorder. This condition is not normally treated as dental emergencies. Call our office and set up an appointment to come in for a consultation. We will determine a course of treatment to alleviate your symptoms. Your swelling may also be from an infected tooth or even a tooth abscess. This infection in or around your tooth should be addressed as quickly as possible. Call Clinton Township, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean immediately to find out what your next steps should be.

Call your top Clinton Township, MI dentist at Ardelean Family Dentistry at (586) 465-4505 to set up appointments for your same-day emergencies. You can also use the online form to leave us a message in a non-emergency situation. A member of our staff will be in touch shortly.