I Haven’t Been to the Dentist in a While

When you are a kid, you go to the dentist regularly because your parents make you. Once you become an adult, you are supposed to go the dentist regularly because it is necessary for your teeth to remain healthy. We all get the first part right. The second part is where a lot of us get into trouble. Whether it is due to no insurance, no money, no time, or just fear, we seem to have enough excuses to go around for not going to the dentist.

Dr. Ardelean knows that people sometimes take a “vacation” from the dentist. Many of her patients have done it. She also knows that the longer you stay away, the harder it is to go back. No matter how long you have been away, there is still time to get back into good dental health. At Ardelean Family Dentistry, we can help you keep the smile you have or find the smile you lost.

Restorative Dentistry Options

Age and time away from the dentist are not factors when it comes to whether you can fix your smile here. Restorative dentistry from Ardelean Family Dentistry will help you fix problems that you developed during your time away from care.

  • Implants – With dental implants from Dr. Ardelean, you will be able to enjoy the same function and feel you enjoyed with your natural teeth.
  • Dentures – Dentures will give you a new set of teeth to liven up your smile. With a solid feel thanks to our implant-supported and implant-retained dentures, you will enjoy your new arch of teeth as if they were your original teeth.
  • Tooth Fillings – Fillings from Dr. Ardelean will help to keep your teeth from further damage due to tooth decay. Keeping your original teeth is always the best choice, and dental fillings can help you do that.
  • Root Canals – If we can save your original tooth, we’ll do just that. Dr. Ardelean can perform a root canal to save a tooth that is in danger of extraction. Don’t believe the myths about painful root canals. They are not what everyone makes them out to be.
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges – Sometimes you need to save your tooth, or find a replacement to take its place. That is why Dr. Ardelean provides crown and bridge treatments. Crowns save and protect your real tooth. Bridges will replace teeth that you lost.

Call Dr. Ardelean today to schedule your appointment and end your “vacation.” You can reach us at (586) 465-4505. You can use our online form to leave us a message, request an appointment, or ask a question. We will be in touch as quickly as we can.