Why Dental Implants Are A Great Tooth Replacement Solution [BLOG]

Our team at Ardelean Family & Cosmetic Dentistry hope you’re getting the most out of these fun summer months here in Clinton Township, MI! This time of year always brings a lot of opportunities to be outside, be social, and be more active.

But this can also be hard on your teeth if you’re not careful. If you’re participating in a friendly game of catch out in the backyard with some friends or with the kids, all that fun could be cut short by one false move and a knocked out tooth thanks to a bad throw and a failed catch.

Then what? Then you’re stuck with a missing tooth, an unsightly smile, and a harder time enjoying the delicious food at all those neighborhood barbecues you were looking so forward to. Whatever the reason for a missing tooth or for several missing teeth, when you don’t have a full set of healthy teeth, how can you really enjoy all the summer has to offer?

You need a tooth replacement solution that will allow you to get the most of out of life, and Ardelean Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has it. We’re talking today about dental implants and why they’re the perfect solution to your missing teeth problem!

Dental Implants Are Natural-Looking!

First, we should address the important issue of appearance. Yes, function absolutely matters. But let’s not ignore the kind of impact an unsightly smile can have on you! When you’re constantly worried about showing your smile, holding in your laughter, and avoiding social interaction because you’re embarrassed, the toll it takes on you emotionally and psychologically is significant.

And we also should point out how your entire facial structure can be compromised when you lack the healthy jawbone engagement required to support the rest of your face. This will inevitably change your overall appearance in a big way.

Dental implants provide a strong, natural-looking replacement so your smile is not only healthy, but also beautiful. You’ll look great and feel great with dental implants!

Dental Implants Provide Great Stability!

Let’s take a look at something we just mentioned, which is the strength you get from dental implants. Because dentures rest on your gumline, they can often come loose, shift around, and really limit your ability to eat the foods you love. Dentures, for all their benefits, just aren’t strong enough to engage the jawbone on their own.

Dental implants attach to your jawbone and allow it to strengthen and grow over time. The bite force you’re able to have with dental implants is so much stronger and closer to your natural bite force with natural teeth.

So as far as stability, dental implants are the clear winner.

Dental Implants Make Oral Hygiene Easier!

Dental implants and the dental restorations that cover them act just the same as your natural teeth once did, so you don’t have the painstaking task of removing them and keeping them clean like you do with dentures. You brush and floss each day as you normally would. This is far more convenient than keeping your removable dentures clean.

Dental Implants Support And Promote Healthy Bone Growth!

Like we said before, dentures rest on the gumline. This allows them to become loose and unreliable when it matters most. You risk having them slip around when you speak or having them come out or move when you eat. Because of all this, removable dentures just don’t allow your jawbone to stay healthy and strong.

Without adequate ability to engage the jawbone, you’re looking at eventual bone resorption, and this compromises the structural integrity of your face, and it puts your other teeth at risk for falling out as well.

Dental implants accomplish want dentures cannot, and for that reason, they’re the better choice for tooth replacement.

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